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In the majority of cases, it is impossible to unambiguously define the size of loaded files from log files. A parameter such as file size is not encountered in apache log files. There is only downloaded size.

Therefore to define the real size of a file in a program, the statistic of allocation of files by downloaded size is created. From this statistic it is possible to define the real size of the downloaded file, and then to calculate the parameters Complete downloads, and Traffic downloads.

The report on file sizes accessible from the menu command: Tools | File sizes, is a technical report for debugging various algorithms for defining the correct file size.

You will probably be surprised by the fact that, in this report, file sizes can be seen which exceed the actual file size by two to three times, or more. It is not an error of the program, it is the real quantitative allocation of downloaded sizes by ip-addresses. And this fact, that some sizes in the report sometimes exceed the real file size, means only that several people with the same ip-address have downloaded the file.

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