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To rate the under-received target traffic you need to calculate the position of your site in the results of a Google search for all popular and relevant search phrases.

The program defines the position of a site by loading the results of a Google search for each phrase and parsing them until the substring defined by you in the dialog box of search options is found. The loading of positions is carried out in a multithreading mode which accelerates the process of search of all positions.

If it is necessary to repeat the definition of a site position, then you should first clear the results of the previous position search. For this purpose use the menu command: Tools | Clear Google position

Restricting the set of phrases for a positions search

You are probably not interested in the positions of a site on search phrases for which there were no file downloads. In this case you need to set the filter on minimum quantity of downloaded files equal to 1. The positions search will be carried out only for phrases which satisfy the filter and are visible in the report.

Similarly for other filters. For example, it is possible to set the text filter on a phrase and to define positions in Google only for some thematic set of phrases satisfying the filter.

Restricting the depth of search

In practice, it is important that your site appears on the first page of the search results in a search on a popular and relevant search phrase . If your site appears beyond the third page, then what position it occupies on the page is unimportant. If there are file downloads from a search on this phrase, it means that the traffic is under-received. Therefore the site should be optimized for this phrase.

It follows that, to understand on what phrases there is a under-received traffic it is sufficient (in the dialogue box of search parameters) to restrict the depth of search to 30 positions.

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