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 Search Engine Optimization FAQ

There are so many Interesting and relevant phrases,
how can I fit them all on one page?

Do not try to place all phrases on one page. From all the thousands of phrases select a few basic ones for the primary direction of optimization. And for each direction create a separate advertising page on the site.

As basic phrases, the most appropriate are those consisting of two-three words. For example, the phrase address book can occur in the report as a component of other phrases such as the following:

simple address book
easy address book
free download address book
phone and address book
electronic address book
address book database
how to use address book

If statistics on all these phrases are already accumulated, you can select a direction of optimization on the basic phrase address book, and estimate the under-received traffic which could be attracted if serious optimization were carried out in this direction. If the value of the under-received traffic seems worthy of your attention, you can create a special advertising page to promote it in the SE.

Each one of these special pages should be crammed with phrases which bring the greatest traffic for a selected direction of optimization. Choose the 10-20 most valuable phrases, and use them as a basis for writing an advertising article.

But it is possible to overdo keywords. Don't forget that the article is written not for Search Engines but for your visitors. Your advertising page should contain a precise clear article, providing answers to the questions the visitors addressed to the Search Engine as search phrases. In actual fact, our target visitors have decided everything for us. We just have to materialize their wishes in the contents of the advertising article.

Next question:
I have placed a phrase in the page header, and also several times inside the page. Why doesn't my page rise in the search results?

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