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What is the main goal of optimization?

No matter how popular your site is, you can't expect Search Engines to give it the first position on absolutely all possible requests. It is possible to get to the top of the search results only for a few groups of requests on limited themes. Consequently, the optimizer has to choose the most promising directions for optimization.

Ideally, the purpose of optimization is to attract the traffic which provides the maximum quantity of sales. It would be great to know the functional relationship between quantity of sales and the number of requests on each phrase. However, in practice, it would take a lot of time and huge quantity of sales to accumulate sufficient statistics to define such a function. And the answer is needed today…..

It's a hundred times faster to accumulate statistics on the dependence of quantity of downloads on the number of requests on a phrase. Besides, the job of the programmer should be distinct from the job of the marketer. The marketer's job is to bring traffic to a site, and maximize the number of downloads of the software product. However, if the program is downloaded, but not bought, then the fault lies not with the marketer, but with the programmer. Thus, the purpose of site optimization can be considered to be attracting the kind of traffic that will give the maximum quantity of downloads.

The function of dependence of quantity of downloads on the number of requests on each phrase can be obtained by analyzing the log files, provided that the site is at least partially optimized on the required phrases.

In practice, for any software site there are phrases for which the site will rank first on the planet in the search results. Optimization on them is not required. There are also sets of relevant phrases on which the site is not optimized at all, and there is no information about them in the log files of the site. Revealing these phrases is one of the main objectives of optimization. Finally, there is a set of phrases on which the site is only partially optimized. In the search results on these phrases, you will find your site on second, third or fifth page. There is information on these phrases in the log files and it's clear that the download traffic on them can be increased.

For a partially-optimized site the main objective of optimization can be considered as minimizing under-received download traffic. For further optimization, it is necessary to choose from the set of poorly-optimized phrases those on which the under-received download traffic is a maximum.

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