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 Search Engine Optimization FAQ

How to reach the top of search results
on a selected phrase?

To improve the position of your page in the search results, the 5-6 most valuable phrases should be placed in headers (<h1>, <h2>,..) between fragments of the text. A bold font or highlighting can be used to pick out search phrases inside the text. It is possible also to insert phrases in picture legends. It is also very useful to create links to other advertising pages, including in the text of these links the most valuable phrases of the page to which the link leads.

But perhaps the most valuable field for catching visitors is the Title of the page. If you under-receive traffic on a phrase that was not in one of the Titles, a good way to lift the site in the search results on this phrase is to put it in the Title.

The Title of the page should be a descriptive and grammatically correct expression which could be shown in the search results listing. To catch the maximum visitors the Title of the page should be composed of several of the most valuable search phrases.

What do you do if even after optimization you still can't reach one of the first positions in search results on very valuable phrases for which there is a lot of competition? In this case it helps to insert these phrases in other special pages. You have to convince the Search Engines that not only a single page, but the whole site has direct relevance to the topic of these phrases.

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There are so many Interesting and relevant phrases, how can I fit them all on one page?

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