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What is site optimization and
why do software developers need it?

About five years ago, software archive sites - tucows, zdnet, softseek, download and winfiles - were the main distribution channels for shareware programs. Now, from the huge set of software archives significant traffic can be received only from two or three leaders, on condition of paid submit. All other archives give only short-term traffic immediately after a submit. To prevent the stream of visitors to your site from drying up, you have to spend a lot of time regularly submitting your programs to every possible site.

Meanwhile, in the last few years another source of traffic has gathered strength - Search Engines. Search Engines do not require regular submits and, if you work correctly with them, they can give you the lion's share of free-of-charge traffic. Depending on the specificity of your products this share can reach up to 90 % of the visitor traffic to your site.

But it's not just a question of quantity. The Search Engines can give you higher quality, target visitors, especially if they come via a search relevant to the theme of your product.

One time, as a result of successful optimization and attracting additional traffic from Search Engines, I managed to increase the quantity of downloads by 50%. I was very surprised but, as a result, my sales volume almost doubled. Compared with software archives, Search Engines have given me twice as many valuable visitors, visitors who have found my site as the result of a quite concrete question addressed to a Search Engine.

People have thousands of problems, and all of them are reflected in requests to Search Engines. If your product solves at least one problem, you have a right to your slice of the huge pie of retrieval traffic.

The success of a product in the market is defined to a large extent by the demand for a solution to a concrete problem and the number of competitors in the market supplying similar solutions.

But the main condition of success is how available a site is to Search Engine users, i.e. how high a position it occupies in the search results on the main groups of relevant requests.

The main task of site optimization is to make the contents of the site attractive both to people and to Search Engines - so that both people and Search Engines value the material on the site and consequently raise the site's rating for a set of concrete subject requests.

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